An exciting prospect in innovative anti-aging  drug discovery

GenetikSignal’s natural compound ModulaTORTM Discovery platform

GenetikSignal’s core market is anti-aging products. The baby boomer generation spends billions of dollars for a healthy lifestyle and to obtain a youthful look. The nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets are multi-billion dollar markets in the U.S. alone ($25 billion in 2010), and GenetikSignal’s anti-aging products will capture this market segment.  Global market for anti-aging products (which includes pharmaceutical products for age related health issues, supplements and appearance based products which include skin care) is an estimated $291.9 billion by the year 2015. The skin care cosmeceutical demand is projected to be an estimated $7 billion by 2017. GenetikSignal’s natural compound modulaTORTM discovery portfolio will capture a multi-million dollar market share in the antioxidant market segment, which is a projected $700 million by 2017 in the skincare cosmeceutical category.

GenetikSignal has novel drug targets and strategies to target cancers with aberrant PI3kinase-Akt-mTOR signaling - a growth signaling pathway de-regulated in many human cancers. GenetikSignal will also target this pathway for novel antiaging products for the cosmetics and nutrition industry. Current ingredients are not scientifically proven, but a marketing play. The Akt/mTOR (mammalian Target of Rapamycin) pathway mediates longevity and healthy aging via dietary/ caloric restriction. Novel dietary constituents derived from plant phytochemicals that function in the mTOR network will be discovered in innovative yeast aging assays. The similarities in aging mechanisms in yeast and mammalian cells and the high degree of conservation of the TOR pathway in these two organisms makes yeast a compelling model for the discovery of novel anti-aging compounds. The novel mechanism of action of these natural compounds (for example as novel caloric restriction mimetics that function in the TOR pathway) in anti-aging will be elucidated in the yeast model of aging to establish feasibility. GenetikSignal will further develop these compounds as next generation, innovative anti-aging constituents for skincare and nutrition.

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